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Ultimate Care 5

Ultimate Care 5

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1. 24K Gold Peel OFF MASK

24K Gold Peel Off Mask comes in 150ml size. It is formulated with orange & lemon peel extract along with niacinamide & gold leaves which removes dust, dead skin cells, unclog pores, remove wrinkles & make skin radiant.

2. Cocoa Lip Butter

Cocoa Lip Butter comes in a size of 18g. It provide smoothness & hydration to chapped lips. Following are the premium ingredients that helps to maintain lip health.

3. Creamy Facewash

Creamy facewash comes in 100ml size. It is formulated with niacinamide, glutathione & licorice extract which helps to control breakouts, provide hydration, ultimate glow, controls the production of melanin & balance oil.


4. Milk & Honey Body Butter

Milk & Honey Body Butter comes in size of 100gm. Its non greasy, light weight formulation is enriched with premium ingredients that helps to maintain healthy skin. This body butter acts as a moisturizing & nourishing cream and provide smoothness & make skin youthful.

5. Sun Screen SPF 75

Sun Screen, broad spectrum comes in the size of 50ml. It is non greasy, light weight & left no white residue. Its 5 in 1 formula makes it best sunblock and also controls skin breakouts including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, aging, freckles, acne and provide ultimate glow & radiance. Following ingredients makes it a unique skin production.

6. Vitamin C Glowing Moisturizer

Glowing Moisturizer comes in a size of 50ml. Its formulation contains numerous premium ingredients that are required to maintain healthy skin.

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